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Tune In: Q & A with Laura Doherty!

We were totally psyched to snag this Q&A with Laura Doherty before she takes the stage at the February Concert for Kids at Subterranean this Saturday at 3pm! If you are lucky enough to live in Chicago, you may have met Laura at the Old Town School of Folk, where she teaches Wiggleworms and adult guitar classes. You've heard her lovely voice wafting from a CD made with Ralph Covert, or may have caught her on a nationwide tour! With two bands, her guitar and catchy melodies, Laura rocks! Before y'all get down and boogie with Laura at her concert, here's our Q&A with the lady who is about to "Acoustically Rock Your Kids World!"

PB: What is your stage name, the name of your band and your recordings?
LD: Laura Doherty - Award-winning Chicago children's artist. I play catchy folk-pop music for the whole family! When I've got the full band with me, it's a couple of acoustic guitars, upright bass, drums, and lots of great harmonies! I have 3 folk-rock recordings for grown-ups and last year released my first kids CD "Kids in the City" which was rated a top 10 CD of 2009 by Time Out NY Kids Magazine.

PB: What was your first instrument, Laura?
LD: My very first instrument I played was the clarinet, in 5th grade. I've been drawn to music all my life and that was the first opportunity I had to play an instrument, when it was offered in school. Then I took piano lessons at 12, and started on guitar at age 16. Guitar is the one that
stuck, it's my main instrument and has brought so much joy to my life. I also play electric bass from time to time.

PB: What was the first song you ever wrote?
LD: I wrote my first song around age 20, called Travelin' Girl, a little bluesy-rock number about all the places in the world I wanted to visit. The first children's song I wrote came to me while riding on the EL, 3 years ago. I was stuck on the train running late for a gig downtown and my
nervous energy caused me to sing a little song in my head about the El, called "El Train". My first kids song was born somewhere around the Grand Ave. stop downtown! From there, more songs came and the CD took shape with a Chicago theme and a city theme.

PB: Where did you play your first gig?
LD: My very first gig, on a stage with a microphone, was in college, at a coffeehouse on campus called the "Monk's Inn". My parents were there visiting and I remember being so nervous! I played lots of covers from the 70s!

PB: Where is the weirdest place you have ever played?
LD: Last summer I played on a coach bus in downtown Chicago for a bachelor party. I set up my little sound system in one of the overhead compartments and set up the microphone between the seats. It was tricky to sing and play guitar standing up when the bus was busy turning on all the city streets! I sang Sweet Home Chicago and the bus driver chimed in with harmonies on the over head loudspeaker. It was a hoot!

PB: What's your favorite song to sing and why is it so cool and crazy?
LD: One of my favorites to sing is my "Hot Dog" song. It's very interactive for the kids, and catchy too. And who doesn't love a Chicago-style hot dog?!!

PB: What are your "desert island" albums?
LD: Anything by the Indigo Girls, they are my favorite! I also love Ari Hest, Shelby Lynne and the Weepies.

PB: We have to ask- what was your most embarrassing stage moment?
LD: Completely blanking on the lyrics to a happens on occasion...especially the older I get!

PB: What musical accomplishment are you most proud of?
LD: Simply, I am very proud to be able to make a living doing what I! And also writing songs that touch people's hearts and make them happy.

PB: Do you have any pre-performance rituals? Any "no brown M&M rules???
LD: I don't have any pre-performance rituals.

PB: Please describe yourself in 3 adjectives
LD: creative, musical, easy-going

PB: Please describe your music in 3 adjectives
LD: breezy, fun, harmonious

Thanks so much, Laura- this was whole lotta fun! You can book Laura for a Chicagoland party by emailing Jenna at To buy tickets for Sub-T and Psychobaby present Laura Doherty, Saturday, February 27 at 3pm, go here! We'll see ya at the show with rockin' surprises for everyone!

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  1. Went to the concert today! It was fabulous! Loved Laura and loved my daughter's first concert tee from Psychobaby! Thanks!


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