Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honest, you'll love this new line!

Founder of Honest Baby, Jill Besnoy, started this line out of frustration with the myth of
"perfect parenting".
Honest Baby pokes fun back at all the crazy parenting advise we get bombarded with. When I had my first son, Oliver, everyone from my mother-in-law to the sweet little lady on the street was sure they knew exactly what was going on with my little guy. "Put a hat on him", it was summer. "He's hungry", no, he was just a colicky baby and had not slept and no intentions of doing so! "How about using a pacifier?" "Pacifiers will give him bad teeth". Yikes!
Three kids later, I have always found that motherhood requires a sense of humor and these tees might remind you or your next critic to lighten up and laugh a little! We don't know it all and as soon as we figure it out it changes.

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