Thursday, October 21, 2010

You're the Top, Reese's!

When I was a little kid, my brother and I would go out for blocks and blocks and blocks collecting candy. Then we would return to the house for the Candy Ritual- we'd dump our bags on the table so our parents could check for the stuff of the school memo home: razor blades, apples and open packages. (Looking back on it, while we are sure our parents were protecting us with the Candy Ritual, we are also sure they were scanning for their favorites because our bags were always WAY lighter in the morning. Our mom would say that's why we are still cavity-free as adults, but this may also be why we both buy an extra bag of candy just to have at the house now that we're all adult and stuff.) 

Once we had the apples and all fishy-school-memo-weirdness taken from us, we would take out those icky orange-wrapped candies (ew and boo, btw - does anyone like those????) and then.....we would trade. Everyone has a favorite candy- and thankfully ours were not the same! Snickers be gone for me- I wanted Reese's - or better yet, the full candy bars you could only get at the house with the big porch, or if you trick-or-treated the nuns.  Those cost two small bars, but were WELL worth it.  This year, my favorite (Reese's, not the nun candy) tops the list (nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah bro!) along with 2 classic favorites, Pop Rocks and Blow Pops.  I wish you all a giant bag of your favorite candy, with none of the ew!  Happy Halloween!

-posted by Kristina

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