Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Lurkey Crafts From Easel Art

Are your kids tired of drawing their turkey by tracing their hand? Kerry from Easel Art Studio has just the thing for you: a turkey tea light you can easily craft at home that will make a delightful centerpiece on Thanksgiving!

To make your turkey, you will need:
old glass Jar (washed out)
old tissue paper
old magazines
Construction paper
googlie eyes or buttons
glaze or mod podge
How to put your turkey-lurkey together:

1. With your child cut or rip all the warms colors in the magazine and also in the tissues paper.

2. Cut out turkey face parts and a head out of the construction paper. The head as a base will help your child to figure out where the eyes, the beak and the major caruncles (aka the red gobble gobble under the beak) should go.

3. Cut a half circle shape out of construction paper (not taller than your jar.) This will be the back feathers.

4. Glue all kinds of feathers on the half circle.

5. Cut a belly out of construction paper, (almost in a tear drop shape)

Now lets put it all together!
6. Spread glue on the entire outside of you glass jar.

7. Apply the magazine cut out and the tissue paper to the outside of the jar (on the glue)

8. Mod Podge the over the paper

9. Glue your face and the belly on the front of the jar.

10. Glue the tail on the back.

Let it dry and drop a tea-light candle inside! Enjoy you turkey tea light.

For more information on Easel Art Studio, go here--->

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