Friday, February 11, 2011

Puzzle Me This: Melissa & Doug Puts it Together!

You don’t have to be a Tiger Mother to know that puzzles are a great step in the journey of life-long learning for your children. (And they can still attend a few sleepovers along the way!) According to an article by the Chicago Montessori Learning Examiner puzzles can:
  • build hand eye coordination
  • develop fine motor skills
  • offer opportunities for social and language skills
  • encourage problem solving and logical thinking
My love of puzzles started with my dad. His epic puzzles consisted of thousands of pieces that took over the entire living room and took days to assemble! But he always had time to help me with the ABC floor puzzle, or even my favorite Little Mermaid puzzle with 300 pieces!

Puzzles can be a very thought provoking activity for the whole family. It's fun to solve puzzles together, not to mention a great family bonding experience. Get your family started with some of my favorite puzzles tonight:
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“Why are puzzles good for children?” February 2010. The Examiner.

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