Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trend Alert: Bright colors for Spring!

The weather was so beautiful today in Chicago! The sidewalks were filled with mommy's and their babies wandering aimlessly! No one seemed to care that the snow was melting into a black soup beneath their feet! After all, it's been months since we have seen forty degrees! While that first forty degree day in the Fall is painful, it feels like a heatwave in February!

I know, it's far from over. I live in the Midwest and some years the chilly weather can go past May! However, I am staying hopeful.  New Arrivals for Spring are rolling in every day as a reminder that we are nearing the end of one long, tough winter.

We will soon say goodbye to our winter boots and and bulky layers and say hello to one of the hottest trends for Spring! It's all about bright, bold color, happy, sunny graphics and mood lifting rainbows and smiley faces. Ouch, Januzzi, Lemon are just a few of our favorite lines leading this seasons fashion trend.
You will love the uplifting effect our colorful finds will have on your mood!

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