Sunday, May 6, 2012

SERIOUSLY Delicious New Designs...

WARNING: These delicious designs will go straight (on)to your toddler's hips...and shoulders and maybe even feet.

Summer is ALMOST here! In anticipation of the warm weather and all of the awesome picnic and BBQ food that comes with it, the Psychobaby Custom Shop is bringing a whole new meaning to babies being "so cute you want to eat them up!"

Wrap up your littlest psycho baby in an Eat 'Em Up Cheeseburger One-piece with a side of the Small Fry Hat and they won't be the only one who needs a burp cloth to wipe up the drool.  If they would rather play with their food than wear it, you can always check out the Melissa & Doug Wooden Doughnut Set or the Alex Stretchy Sandwich.  Either way, this summer is looking yummy!

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