Friday, May 11, 2012

Vintage tees and leggings you'll do cartwheels for...

Junk Food tees for kids and Monkeybar Buddies leggings were both made with one idea in mind: summer! Super soft vintage inspired tees from Junk Food are the type of shirt your Psychobaby will want to wear everyday, and what little lady could resist Monkeybar Buddies' cute leggings that let you swing from the rafters without showing a hint of your skivvies? 
Let’s hear it for hanging from trees, doing cartwheels in the park, and enjoying the heck outta those three months when school’s out for summer!

Speaking of school being out for summer, here's one Psychobabies and parents can both dig: 
Alice Cooper AND Muppets. Whoa.

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