Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

Calling all mini-masked-men and caped-crusaders-in-training: 
Make our superhero gifts for kids your one-stop shop for crime-fighting essentials!
Sure, most of  you aren't slinging webs as much as you are slingin' spaghetti in your highchair, but soon you will master the art of wearing your bib like a cape and leaping three couch cushions in a single bound! Gear up for those moments that call for a THWAK! BOOM! or kaPOW! with our personalized onesies, comic book tees, and super toys that make playtime fun!

Speaking of superheros, our friends the Boogers are waging their own battle against boring kids' music with their awesome punk rock tunes! If mom and dad dig the Ramones, your Psychobaby will love rocking out to the Boogers. As if the name weren't enough, what kid wouldn't dig a song called "I'm Ridin' My Bike" or "I Like Bananas?" Trust us, Boogers songs are so fun you won't be able to pick just one favorite. Crusty Booger, Greenie Booger, and Sticky Booger (aka Paul, Dave, and Rich) are hitting the road this summer, so join the mosh pit and hear the world's most dangerous kids' band on tour in a city near you!

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