Monday, June 4, 2012

Join the Appaman Monkey Bar Challenge!

Calling all moms who once ruled the playground:
When is the last time you schooled your friends on the monkey bars? If you are anything like us we bet it was a while ago... longer than we would like to admit! 

Our cool, crazy friends at Appaman want to get you back to your former monkey barin' self!
Inspired by one monkeyin' mom, this summer challenge aims to take back the playground while supporting the battle against childhood cancer. Training starts now, so take your kids to the park so YOU can hit the bars; they just might inspire you to make it a few more rungs! 
Once Labor Day rolls around, film your complete monkey bar run and, send your video to Appaman, and consider your challenge conquered!

As if monkeying around and improving your strength wasn't enough to motivate you,  your registration earns you an Appaman bar swag kit, and 100% of your registration fee is donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer - an amazing cause!

Chicago moms, who's on board? 
Tweet us @shop_psychobaby and we will put you in touch with other monkeying moms!

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