Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hang On To Your Hat!

Cool Hats for Baby and Kids - Psychobaby 
These new hats for babies and kids will have your little ones staring at the weather forecast waiting for it to get chilly! We brought back last years faves and a bunch of cool new designs from Neon Eaters and Appaman. Neon Eaters' popular Hero Beanie (featured in Real Simple!) now comes in two new colorways, blue for super-dudes and pink for wonder-girls!

Not only do they look super cool, these beanies are comfy enough for even the pickiest Psychobaby - you can flip up the brim on the hats with eye-holes if your kiddo prefers. All of Neon Eaters' hats have a special quirkiness, like detachable beards, eye-patches or stuffed viking horns. So check out our collection of cool kids winter hats, and enjoy some hat themed songs while you shop! (Fun fact, this cover of Raspberry Beret is by a band comprised of Warren Zevon and all the members of R.E.M., minus Michael Stipe!)

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