Friday, September 27, 2013

There’s no trick to this treat: $14 personalized tees

Halloween Tees for Baby and Kids

Halloween tees for $14? Yep, this isn't a trick! Treat your Psychobaby to a new tee (or three, at this price, why not?). This October we've got a ton of tees to suit your little ghouls, whether she's a sweet Lil' Monster or he's a spooky Skully Tee kind of guy!
 Psychobaby Lil Monster Pink Tee Psychobaby Striped Skully Tee Red
Grab a few of these Halloween tees at $14 and get psyched up all month long while you and the kiddos decide what to dress up as this year. We particularly like this team of Batmans... wonder how they figured out who was going to be Robin.
What do your kids want to go as? Share your cool, crazy costume ideas below!

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