Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Romantic Baby Names for Valentines Babies!

Yes, these names are some of the most famous lovers throughout history, bringing to mind each of their epic, and sometimes tragic, stories.  Although we love the idea of baby Guinevere and baby Lancelot out there runnin' around, here are our top picks for loverly names that are still pretty relevant and unique.

Cleo and Anthony
Cleo (short for Cleopatra in this case) might not be the easiest name to pull off, but it is a strong name, meaning fame and glory! And just think of all the cool black eyeliner tricks she will pull off someday. Anthony is still a very classic boy's name which in Latin means "highly praiseworthy" wonder these two got together. 

Honorable mention "Anthony": Tony and Maria from West Side Story (Ouch, my heartstrings!) 

Juliet and Romeo 
Romeo isn't exactly the first name we would think of for a little boy...unless he's breaking hearts left and right in pre-school. But the name Juliet has stood the test of time and is still considered a beautiful and romantic name for a little girl. (We don't know if your version of Romeo and Juliet is the Baz version, but we stand pretty firmly with're welcome.) 

Scarlett and Rhett 
We LOVE the name Rhett for a little man.  It's like he was already born with a mustache on a white horse. And the popularity of the name Scarlett has never really faded. Not that you give a damn, but we hope it never does! 

Tristan and Isolde 
Tristan and Isolde are the subject of at least one opera and many, many paintings.  The name Isolde isn't exactly commonplace, but who wants to be another Ashley or Melissa? And the name Tristan originated meaning "Noise of Arms", which really describes the sounds of a 3am feeding of any little man...

Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy
The never-ending love this generation has for Jane Austin will ensure that the popularity of the names Elizabeth and Bennett are not going anywhere. Fitzwilliam may seem a little odd, but the name Darcy for a little man already has our hearts! 

Honorable modern love story mention: Brad and Angelina 

And we can't leave out our pick for last year's most SURPRISING couple: Blake & Gwen! Who would've ever thought these two would find love in such a hopeless place? (Just kidding, NBC, we love the Voice!) We're waiting to see how it works out in 2016 between these two music superstars! Blake is a great name for little guys, and we love Gwen/Gwendolyn for your future pop queen.

Check out more fun ways to celebrate your love on our Valentines Pinterest board,and have a heart-filled very very Happy Valentines Day!

*this post originally published 2/2015-updated 1/2016

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