Friday, January 8, 2016

9 Red Baby Names for Valentines Day

Red baby names? Why not? There are plenty of Rainbows and Blue Ivys running around. If you're expecting a February baby - you might like one of these red-iculous baby names! In the spirit of Valentines Day, here are our nine favorite "red" baby names.

1. Red 

Meaning : the color red!
Famous people named Red: Red Skelton, Red Buttons, Redfoo (member of LMFAO)

2. Rusty 

Meaning : "redhead, fox-colored" - variation of Russell
Famous people named Rusty: Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9 astronaut)

3. Carmine: 

Meaning: "vivid red" - cool Italian name
Famous people named Carmine: Carmine Giovinazzo (actor on CSI:NY)

4. Radley: 

Meaning: "red meadow" -a fun offbeat choice for a first name

5. Adam: 

Meaning: "son of the red earth" - pretty much one of the most classic boys names ever

Famous people named Adam: so very many, including Adam West (Batman), Adam Driver, Adam Sandler, Adam Lambert, Adam Clayton (bassist for U2), Adam Brody, Adam Yauch (MCA) and Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock)!

6. Scarlett:

Meaning: "scarlet, red" - retro girl's name
Famous people named Scarlett: Scarlett Johannsen, Scarlett O'Hara (fictional character from Gone With The Wind)

7. Rose / Rosie

Meaning: "rose, a flower"
Famous people named Rose: Rose McGowan, Rose Byrne, Rosie O'Donnell, Rosie Perez

8. Ruby: a classic & classy choice.

Meaning: "deep red precious stone"
Famous people named Ruby: Ruby Rose

9. Cherry: 

Meaning: Fruit name - super cute, especially if you're a fan of hair metal.

*** Pink: We're giving her an honorable mention!

Meaning: Color name
Famous people named Pink: just the one! (Her real name is Alecia.)

Do you have a favorite colorful baby name? Let us know! You can shop our entire Valentines Day collection below, plenty of fun red gift choices for all the P'Babies in your life!

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