Friday, February 20, 2015

Oscar Fashion 2015 - The Mini Versions!

1. Black Tie Tuxedo Baby Shirt $20.00 | 2. Stella Blu Hollywood Tee $25.00 |  3. Pink Is The New Black Shirt $20.00 | 4. Freshly-Popped One-Piece $26.00 5. Me In Mind Charlie Slip On Baby Shoes Black $26.00 |      6. Me In Mind Classic Mary Janes Sock Set $26.00 |  7. Personalized Miss Audrey Baby Shirt $23.00
Oscar fashion is our favorite part of the Academy Awards! As much as we love movies, we REALLY love it when celebs get super wacky (Bjork's swan dress, anyone?), and also when they keep it ultra-classy. Our all time fave is still Gwyneth's impeccable pink gown... for your little starlet we suggest a Pink Is The New Black Shirt or perfectly pink Personalized Miss Audrey Baby Shirt.

We've said it before and we will say it again, black tie makes ANY guy about a billion percent more attractive. So when you tux up an already handsome fellow, it's a win-win for everyone. Dapper up your little dude with a Black Tie Tuxedo Baby Shirt and call it a day.

There are a couple things Pharrell is really good at, like being happy and making insanely catchy songs, wearing ginormous hats, and now we're adding looking mad cool on the red carpet. Check out his kicks! Your little dude or cool chica can rock this look and crawl the red carpet with a pair of Me In Mind Charlie Baby Shoes.
Why are we watching this thing again? Oh yeah, cause movies are awesome! And you know what goes great with movies? POPCORN! Slap a Freshly-Popped One-Piece on your baby and then whip up a batch of one of these cool popcorn recipes... let's be honest, the Oscars are like, 400 hours long, you're gonna need a snack!

 5 Fabulous Popcorn Recipes For An Oscars Party 
We'll be watching this Sunday, who do you guys think will bring home a gold statue!? And more importantly... who will end up on the Best Dressed/Worst Dressed lists? TBC....

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