Saturday, February 28, 2015

Top 5 Craziest Ways To Use Glitter


Here are five of the CRAZIEST ways to use glitter, aside from using it at all. You have to be kind of nuts to even open one of those little jars! Once you pop that glitter top, you'll be finding it in weird places for what will likely be the rest of your life. It's like sand from the beach, but even more ubiquitous. Luckily, glitter has its looks going for it, we're huge suckers for anything sparkly & glitzy! Check out these awesome (and insane) ways to use glitter:

 Edible Glitter Ice Cubes 
Because you can't always drink champagne, so might as well add some zazz to your... water.

   glitter ice cubes 

Because if you eat too much glitter, you're gonna need to use this...
Yes, that is a glitter-covered toilet seat. Fit for a princess.
DIY Glitter Sneakers
Because it's scientifcally proven you burn more calories walking if you're wearing THESE...

 DIY Glitter Converse Shoes - we love!!

 DIY Glitter Creepy Christmas Ornament
Because don't you have a friend that secretly needs this? Don't you!?
Glittery baby doll body part ornaments ... for Christmas trees, OR WEDDINGS?!

DIY Glitter Party Cup
Because after all this glitter crafting, you could use a drink.
DIY reusable glittered Red Solo Cup! Washable!! (by hand!) Click for my tutorial.
And now for five totally acceptable ways to add some sparkle to your life:
 1.Personalized Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece Pink $26.00
2. Personalized I Am A Rockstar Hoodie $40.00
3. Shake It Off T-Shirt $20.00
4. I'm So Girly I Cry Glitter Baby Shirt $20.00
5.I'm So Fancy Mug $12.00

Check out our Glitter Pinterest board for all of the shiny sparkly, glittery things we love! Shine on, you crazy lil' diamonds!

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