Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Celeb Baby Name Trends of 2015

2015 Celebrity Baby Names were about as creative as they come.  I mean, they're no Apple or Pilot Inspektor, but this year's batch is pretty quirky. 


Max Red
Celeb parent: Casey Wilson

Phoenix Sky
Celeb parent: Criminal Minds' A. J. Cook

Charlie Ocean
Celeb parent: Jeff Goldblum

Wylde Cole
Celeb parent: British actress Lily Cole

Wilder Frances
Celeb parent: Clueless/Scrubs star Donald Faison


Sailor Gene
Celeb parent: Liv Tyler

Tennessee Hawkins
Celeb parent: country singer Eric Church

Rhodes Emilio
Celeb parent: Sara Gilbert & Linda Perry


Rocket Zot
Celeb parent: Sam Worthington 

Brexton Locke
Celeb parent: Nascar driver Kyle Busch

Lachlyn Hope

Celeb parent: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Arlo Day
Celeb parent: Leighton Meester & Adam Brody


Andy Rose
Jack Osbourne

Della Rose
Celeb parent: Billy Joel

Sparrow Rose
Celeb parent: reality stars Eivin & Eve Kilcher


Cooper Blue (son) and Kingsley Rainbow (daughter)
Celeb parent: Dylan Lauren of Dylan's Candy Bar

Amelie Moon
Celeb parent: sci fi actor Kevin Durand

Indigo Baretto
Celeb parent: Boy (& Girl) Meets World's Rider Strong

Violet Moon & Knox Blue
Celeb parent: TV actors Sarah Shahi & Steve Howey

Blues Anthony
Celeb parent: Mad Men's Jessica Pare

Luna Mae
Celeb parent: Chilean actress Leonor Varela

Shoutout here for keeping it simple:

Celeb parent: the adorable Chris O'Dowd

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  1. These people honestly think this is creative? This is your child, this is your most prize possession. Your child will be the greatest accomplishment of your life. To me, this is not the time to get creative. And none of these are all that creative. These names are as bad as Kanye. Who thinks his child's name is as creative as those stale, mundane musical lyrics.


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