Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Personalized Pillowcases For Kids

1. Personalized Pop Art Pillowcase Red $24.00 | 2. Personalized Over the Rainbow Pillowcase $24.00 | 3. Personalized Name Game Pillowcase: Cupcake $24.00 | 4. Personalized Name Game Pillowcase: Dinosaur $24.00 | 5. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Pillowcase Red $24.00 | 6. Personalized Digi Rainbow Heart Pillowcase $24.00 | 7. Personalized Beastly Monster Awake-Asleep Pillowcase $24.00 

Personalized pillowcases let your P'Babies nestle up all snug in their beds and dream about sugarplums... or what might be under the tree when they wake up! Remember how hard it was to fall asleep the night before Christmas? Here's hoping one of our super cool custom pillowcases will help get your kiddo to stay in bed... you know they're going to be waking you up at 5 am!

Check out our holiday Pinterest board for some fun ideas for crafts and snacks to do with the littles - who knows, maybe you can wear them out building gingerbread houses!

Click here to shop our entire selection of personalized pillowcases and click below to check out our whole holiday gift guide.

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