Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hope = Life: Help Jasper Fight Batten Disease!

Children at public and private schools across Chicago have come together to create a city-wide initiative to help their friend, Jasper Duinstra, and other children like him receive treatments for Batten Disease, a violently degenerative illness. These inspirational Chicago children (be sure to check them out - they really say it all, and in the best way possible!) have made collection cans that live throughout our entire city, in the hopes that their artistic contribution will help raise contributions large enough so Jasper and others with Batten can get the help they need.

4 year old Jasper was diagnosed with Batten disease in February of this year, and as his parents, Pip and Bou, state on their website,, "Within a year, we went from a healthy son with some speech delay, to a son with epilepsy, to a son with epilepsy and autism to this devastating disease and prognosis." Jasper, and many other children like him, are in desperate need of treatment, and Jasper's family has chosen to be emboldened by the challenges that face them, and keep working and hoping for treatment, as "Hope = Life."

Psychobaby's brick and mortar store is joining with their youngest friends in the city-wide initiative to raise funds for Jasper Against Batten. Stop on by and help us help Jasper and others like him as they continue their battle against Batten. If you would like to donate online, or send the Duinstra family a message, please visit


  1. Kristina, Thank you so much for posting this!! We really appreciate it!

  2. You are very welcome- we hope it helps! -Kristina


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