Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet our new Ugly Doll friends, Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi!

Psychobaby fans, we'd like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi, two new additions to the Ugly Dolls family! Now, excepting for their brightly different colors, it is easy to think that the Kasoogis have started to act and look alike through their marriage, but we are here to say that once you get to know them, they couldn't be more different! Mrs. Kasoogi won't mind us telling you that she is the boss lady of the house - especially when the Mr. has his hand in the cookie jar! These two are quite the perfect pair, as Mr. Kasoogi loves to travel and look for treasure, while Mrs. Kasoogi loves to pay attention to details and keeps everything running smoothly - except when the Mister goes off in the hunt for cookies! Mr. and Mrs. Kasoogi would love to go on adventures for cookies and other yummy treats and then plan a giant nap for your little one! To invite them over to your house, shop for the happy couple or the other new Ugly Doll Turny Burny now at psychobabyonline.com!

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  1. Love the new Ugly Dolls! You guys have the best stuff!

  2. Thanks so much, Amy D! We are getting bunches of new stuff daily, so be sure to check back for everything cool and crazy! -kristina


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