Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Give Me Some Sugar!

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide, where you'll find something sugary, spicy, naughty or nice-y for everyone on your list! Each day we will release a new theme to help you gift through the holiday season! To start, we will now sweeten your day with gifts that give ya a little sugar!

Gifts for Girls:

(give me some sugar tee, $28. psychobaby)
Well, we'll start with literal cuteness - this pink and white raglan from the Psychobaby brand with its cutie-candy font will sweeten an a.m. 'get ready for school!' deal you are currently negotiating.

(biofino black forest cake, $17. psychobaby)
No tea party is complete without something yummy to serve her guests, and she will love to 'slice' this plush and richly decorated cake and deliver to Grandma while they have their special Girls' Day In.

Stocking Stuffer Alert! (angel pacifier, $7. psychobaby)
Even though your little one doesn't know why that red thing is hanging from the mantle and not on someone's foot, she'll love that her stocking stuffer is so sweet and soothing!

Gifts for Boys:

(pop the pig game, $31. psychobaby)
We know its not ooey-gooey sugarness, but this game, which has you feed that lil pigge 'til he pops, is totally sweet!

(harley saddle bear chair, $62. psychobaby)
Who doesn't think a bear hug is sweet? Kids can get on while they read with this cool Saddle Bear Chair from Harley Davidson!

Stocking Stuffer Alert!
(fairytale wishes 'go away monster' aromatherapy, $10. psychobaby)
So, the word on the street is that monsters fear this yummy bubblegum-scented spray from Fairytale Wishes! Bubblegum can get caught in a monster's fur, so, no reason to fear- just spray away and everyone in the house will get a good night's sleep, which is better than having your very own chocolate factory.

Gift for Dad:
(math clock, $25. uncommon goods)
Those lovely moments when Daddy embraces his inner geek while helping with the homework are super sweet. Get him this cool gift so he can rock around the clock!

Gifts for Mom:
(heart to heart spiral tree, $39.95, things remembered)
Nothing is sweeter than having the entire family home for the Holidays! This spiral photo tree lets Mom hang with those she's close to during this special season!

For Your Babysitter:
(giant gummy bear, $29.95, vat19)
After you rig that Christmas bonus for your sitter, add some fun by heading straight for the grandaddy of all Gummy Bears! Equal to 1,400 regular bears, this 5 lb bad boy will pep your sitter up even after she's run after your kids at the park for hours!

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