Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Spice Up Your Holiday!

We're back Spicing It Up with cool gifts from our Holiday Gift Guide! Check out gift ideas below for those nearest and dearest!

Gifts for Babies and Kids:

(candy jar fill 'n spill, $19.99. psychobaby) The cutie little spiced gingerbread man is only one fifth of the fun for baby, who will enjoy shaking, rattling, squeaking, filling and spilling this delightful plush toy set!

(mini sizzlin' kitchen, $85. psychobaby) Your little ones will love to grill and chill with this retro sizzlin' kitchen, whose folding fun can be toted to grandma's to spice up their playdate!

(tummy tee, $28. psychobaby) This yummy tee has cool food graphics that are a ton of fun!

For Mom and Dad:

(iKaraoke, $60. fred flare)
Let's face it - there's no more wailing to "Livin' on a Prayer" at your favorite karaoke bar once you've got little ones. Once the kiddies are in bed, Mom and Dad can croon their love song together like the Captain and Tennille with the latest accessory for the iPod - the iKaraoke!

For the Holiday Chef:

(momofuku cookbook, $40. barnes and noble)
If they can't get to the Big Apple because they are busy making the Holiday desserts, spice up their present with David Chang's first cookbook, named after his super awesome restaurants. This one is double the fun because it reads like a book, and you can make those yummy pork buns....mmmmm.

For everybody with a sweet (and spicy!) , okay, for everybody!

(bon bon assortment, $52. jacques torres)
Just trust us- yummy and pretty and pretty darn yummy. We can't type anymore, we need to go order a box!

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