Friday, December 18, 2009

Meet the Psychobaby Brick and Mortar Holiday Crew!

Well, a few weeks back, we introduced you to our crew members that were workin' round the clock for Cyber Monday, and now we would like you to meet, if you haven't in person already, the Psychobaby brick and mortar gang - the ladies who wrap those gifts, throw dance parties with the kids, merchandise like elves on a Holiday cookie sugar high, never get tired of answering the question "why?" and always have a smile and an awesome gift idea for our cool, crazy clients. With no further ado, please meet the Chicago brick and mortar crew:

Katy: (assistant manager, obsessive scarf wearer, Hall and Oates fan)Always joking and always speaking in abbreviations to the point of where her peeps have to have group meetings to deicifer, KT (Katy) is the AM (assistant manager) of PB (Psychobaby). Basically born in a retail store in SL (St. Louis) herself, Katy loves to play with the k's (kids) that come in and figure out what makes 'em laugh, and is known throughout the land as the CSL (Crazy Sticker Lady). KT is on a RAR (monster) kick right now and so she would like to recommend the new custom Monster tee from the Psychobaby Brand and the Manhattan Monster Puppets as they make her LOL. Katy is currently the TC (Team Captain) of the PBWC (Psychobaby Wrapping Crew) which will be entering the next Olympics in the curling competition - the ribbon curling competition that is, where they will win in with an abbreviated time!

Natalia: (warehouse organizer, Crazy Cat Lady, the Riddler)
Natalia loves a question, which is why she is so thorough, and why she is in charge of keeping all the rest of us and our stock levels, in line and online. She's super fast, and we actually had to install a stoplight in the store to get that fancy photo you see to the left. To make matters faster, she's also an inline skating champion of sorts, which get her to her online work on time, and also make all that warehouse-y stuff much cooler and crazier - especially if you're not looking and she comes zooming by! Natalia makes work far more like a fast skate roller dome party but without the Debbie Gibson music playing, cos she prefers Chris Isaac! Natalia would like to recommend the Jellycat pull along dog (even though she likes cats) because they're inline/online as well, and the Melissa and Doug shopping cart, because, like Maverick and Goose, shefeelstheneedtheneedforspeed!

Jessica: (Crafty McGee, Vintage Hunter, Wrap Master DC)
When not on the sales floor of Psychobaby, Jessica can be found hunting for vintage treasure like a Chanel-inspired pirate (ahoy, quilting!), or taking cool photos in her hometown of Chicago. Ever the charming and convincing Accessorizor, if you meet Jessica, you too will soon think Every Outfit Needs A Belt and that Leggings Are The Way Of The Future. We think Jessica is who the Beastie Boys were talking about, as she is crafty and just our type, and so if you see a wonderful store display made of recycled parts and done up with calligraphy, you'll know who's behind it. Jessica would like to share all the Sesame Street puppets and plush with you because of their vintage appeal, the Melissa and Doug Pretty Purse Fill and Spill to start your gal's handbag collection off right, and anything from Alex Toys that involves googly eyes, sticky tissue and lots and lots of glitter.

Teresa: (Skinny Jean/Ballet Flat Enthusiast, Merchandising Maven, Barrette Queen)
The newest member of the Psychobaby crew, Teresa is loving to be surrounded by all the pretty, fun, flowery, glittery, sparkly-warkly cool, crazy girls' stuff at Psychobaby! Teresa loves everything in its place, and is The Merchandising Maven at Psychobaby - coming up with different folds for those denim and tees, and wowing guests with her themed combinations. Teresa would like to recommend the Melissa and Doug Mini Princess Castle, which she has magically, with a wave of her wand, turned into her other favorite holiday gifts, the Wooden Cupcake Decorating Kit, and the Schylling Musical Tea Set.

To see everything the crew loves, visit psychobaby, and if you are ever in our happenin' hood, stop in and say hi!

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