Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Dad is Rad!

Music is one of my great loves in life. My dad was, and still is, madly passionate about music of all kinds. Some of my best memories of my childhood involve going to see live music of some kind with him. I remember asking him why the lady was dancing so "silly" when we were at an outdoor concert listening to Joni Mitchell. He simply replied that she was just "feeling the music". That answer felt completely valid as I watched her gently spin around in circles with her eyes half closed and a look of sheer happiness on her face.
Classical music, is by far, his favorite and he played it morning, noon and night. He blared it out of the car as if it were the Rolling Stones. It mortified me at the time! I distinctly remember fidgeting in my seat in stuffy concert halls and getting into massive amounts of trouble with my older sister as we made up not so quiet games to make the time go as quickly as possible. Now, as an adult, my number one morning choice of music is Mozart.
So this Father's Day I thank my dad for the love that I have for Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Blues, Classical music...

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