Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have you met our Psychobaby crew?

Meet our crew! We are just a few that make up this cool, crazy place we call Psychobaby. We all have different interests but share a passion for kids and fashion. Check back regularly for our favorite new arrivals, fashion tips and plain old silliness!

Did you know our internet manager, Linday, has super-cool tattoos and a cat named Bubba?

Who knew that our customer service manager, Melissa, who lovingly packs your boxes and takes your calls and emails has a passion for black and white animals?

A shout out for our brick-and-mortar manager, Jess, that is a transplant from Boston and has a love for hearts on everything! She is as loved as the hearts she loves!

Ahh, Lisa, my BFF and better half! Don't let her sweet smile fool you though! She is wickedly smart and no one has an eye for cool girls stuff like this queen of bling!

Me? Ahh, I am just a mom of three little boys and a wanna be rocker! I'll let the gals above fill you in! -Marlo

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