Monday, April 18, 2011

Bunny Bash

I woke up to snow today, chances are if you are a Chicagoian, you did too. We all know the feeling of seeing snow this late in the season and immediately getting that barfy feeling. Luckily I got to come to work, where the heat was blasted and all of my lovely co-workers and I shared laughs about how much fun yesterday's Bunny Bash was at Psychobaby!

I perked up my 'what the heck is this weather blues' by creating a video with the photos from yesterday at our Easter egg hunt and photo session with the bunny!

I openly admit that I was one of those 'DON'T PUT ME NEAR ANYTHING RESEMBLING A PERSON IN A CHARACTER SUIT OR I WILL HYPERVENTILATE" children.  My family photos are filled with my golden child sister, tear free smiling on Santa's lap, coupled with a child (me) who's red velvet dress is pulled up over her head, underwear completely exposed, who's arms are blurry from failing while screaming. As I embodied that 'working over the holidays' Sears portrait studio employee yesterday, I shot some photos for future first date embarrassment with pride knowing that I finally could be near the bunny without panicking (and one day, your kid will too!)

-Amy K

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