Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jeepers Peepers, Happy Easters!

I have never been a Peeps fan.
It's always the same situation, year after year. I stumble out of bed late at night trying to appease a springtime sugar craving only to find post Easter Peeps littering my snack lacking pantry. After 1am, these stale Peeps are extremely persuasive. Half asleep I am eluded to think that "maybe this year they changed" or "what if I am missing out like those 22 years I was under the impression watermelon tasted awful" and I give them another shot. Each year I fall for the same Peep's tricks and am fooled blindly by these foul fowl.

This year is different thanks to two little words: Peeps Smores.

This Sunday the microwave will be littered with blue dye #4 after I cook an entire hen house worth of these corn syrup soaked creatures.

Peeps S’mores for Easter

  • peeps
  • hershey’s chocolate squares
  • graham crackers
Place graham crackers, chocolate and a peep as shown in first picture. Zap in the microwave until soft. (Or place under broiler.) Top with another graham cracker square.

Oh and while we are at awesome Easter stuff, check out this tip from Parent Hacks.

No more tie dyed kitchen floors and counters, muffin tins make for an easy dying and drying event. Parents think of everything!

-Amy K

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