Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY growth keepsakes!

 source: Flickr
Luckily enough, I work in a place that suggests I go browse the internet to find cool stuff. Sometimes they find me with tears rolling down my face watching a kitten play with a duck on Youtube, but most of the time I am cruising down the vast highway of mom blogs. Am I a mom myself? No. I actually don't know any babies, but if I did, I guarentee they would have more DIY stuff than Martha Stewart fanmail from good ole Auntie Amy.
I do my best to round up the stuff that makes my ovaries flutter with hopes of one day bearing spawn of my own (I'm 23, so the duration of this feeling averages .00435 seconds). My mission is to find awesome stuff hidden in the creative crevices of the internet.

Today, I found some super creative ideas for documenting your childs age in a beautiful and wall worthy way. Get your screwdrivers handy (I mean the tool!) and start creating in-between those late night feedings.

- Amy K

This is an absolutely adorable way to visually document your spawns first year in the world. The same effect could be created using magnetic fridge letters.

After staring at this for a second, I decided that it was incredibly awesome. If my mom were to make this for me it would filled with very tattered ruby slippers. I'm going to go ahead and suggest that you Febreez the shoes thoroughly in case it happens to open years later!

source: real simple

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