Thursday, August 25, 2011

7 Days of ROCK!

The last week of August is long, hot and a little boring for Psychomoms and Psychodads who are sending their kids off to pre-school. Fear not, we hear your cries. They sound like cries for ROCK, and rock is our specialty...

So, we're declaring this week (August 25 - September 1) Psychobaby's SEVEN DAYS OF ROCK! Do you feel those chills? Those are from the rock Gods, they're sending lightning bolts made of pure shredding power down your spine. Embrace it. Feel the rock.

Each day during the 7 Days of Rock there will be a different featured product that is 20% AND comes with a free rockin' backpack. All other Psychobaby brand clothes are 20% (but no free backpack unless they're featured, sorry). So go forth and rock with us this week!

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