Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a... Very Small Cake?

So you're getting ready to make a batch of cupcakes with your little dude. You've got your flour, your baking soda and your sugar ready, when all of a sudden X-Men comes on TV and little dude says: "Hey (mom / dad / grandma / grandpa / Uncle Ralph) can we make our cupcakes look like superheroes?!"

You think back to past baking endeavors... The bundt cake that wasn't quite hollow in the center, the apple pie that turned out looking a little bit square, the banana bread that somehow came out in the shape of an actual banana... And you think that you better play it safe with this batch. That is, until you remember that you've got THESE:

WHOA! (Photo from Williams Sonoma)
That's right. Williams-Sonoma's online store is selling an incredible Marvel ™ Cakelet Pan so that you and little dude can whip up some cupcakes that would rival those of even the most hardcore Comic-Con nerd. No more baking disasters. With this pan you bake Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk right in your kitchen.

But wait! Every superhero-cakelet-baking little dude needs the appropriate threads for such an occasion. Good thing Psychobaby has some of the flyest and hippest superhero gear, like this Superhero Tee (also available as a one-piece) that you can personalize to include your favorite caped crusader's first initial.

And that's not all... We've got an entire page of our cool and crazy website dedicated to Superhero themed gifts. Grab one for the tiny superhero in your life!

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