Thursday, August 4, 2011

We've got Junki in our Trunki!!

We've got Trunki! 

It's true! We've stocked up on the super cute, super practical, super FUN Trunki line and accessories! If you and your Future World Traveler spend a lot of time on airplanes or visiting far (or not so far) away places the new Trunki Ride-Along suitcase and accessories will be a fantastic addition to your family's luggage pile.
Melissa and Doug Trunki Face Stickers
As if the Trunki wasn't cool enough on its own, Melissa and Doug have designed a whole bunch of cool accessories to add extra functionality and personality! Make your Trunki stand out in the crowd with a mustache!

Never lose your luggage when you've got your name stickered on. Remember all the cool places you've visited (even if some of them were just in your imagination) with souvenir stickers. The possibilities are endless!
Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stickers for TrunkiMelissa and Doug Trunki Destination StickersMelissa and Doug Trunki Saddlebag Blue

Oh Yeah.... Did we mention how insanely cute it is when tigers and monkeys play with trunkies?!  

We are getting a bunch new styles in the next couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

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