Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Capricorn Style Guide

Happy Birthday, all you Capricorn babies! Caps are known for their down-to-earth practicality, always staying grounded with their eyes on the prize. Tending to lean towards the conservative side, the ‘goats’ of the Zodiac eschew flash-in-the-pand trends for classic comfy styles. Favored colors include earth-tones like brown, navy, black and grey... this is not to say they can’t have a bit of a wild streak, like it-girl Zooey Deschanel, Elvis Presley, director David Lynch, and our favorite David, Mr. Bowie!

Here are some of our favorite (and cutest!) December & January born peeps rocking their classic Capricorn style:

Taye Diggs (Jan 2), Jason Bateman (Jan 14), Bradley Cooper (Jan 5)

January Jones (Jan 5), Michelle Obama (Jan 17), Kate Middleton (Jan 9)

Harlow Madden (Jan. 11), Zachary Furnish-John (Dec. 25) Seraphina Affleck (Jan 6)
in an Appaman coat!

Your Psychobaby can get the look with these great styles:
Capricorn Kids!

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