Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Have Your Cake & Wear It Too!

For the last couple years, cupcake boutiques have been popping up like Starbucks all over the country. Chicago is now home to a Sprinkles & a Magnolia, but we love all our amazing local bakeries! Two of our favorites are Sweet Mandy B’s, the epitome of sugar, spice & everything nice- and Bleeding Heart Bakery, who embrace the edgier side of pastry arts.
Your little cupcake can get the look, whether she’s a punky Chi-town cookie or a sweet little Mandy B!
I Cupcake Chicago!

Search - Personalized Tattoo Cupcake Tee
$26 -

Search - Psychobaby Cupcake Pocket Pant
$24 -

Search - Psychobaby Pink Cupcake Trio Tee
$28 -

Girls Bottoms - Ouch! Brown Tutu Skirt
$63 -

Search - Melissa and Doug DYO Cupcake Bank
$6.99 -

Search - Sourpuss Cupcake Pink Slip-Ons
$23 -

Search - Okutani Cupcake Mesh Hat
$9 -

Search - Psychobaby Chicago Flag Terry Bib
$8 -

P.S. For those of you who who like an extra little kick to your baked goods... we’ve heard More does an excellent job with the boozy cupcakes... and if you are ever feeling really ambitious and in a party mood, MAKE THESE. They are kind of a pain, but SO worth it... it’s like happy hour & dessert all at the same time! (Don’t make these for the PTA Bake Sale ;)

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