Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cool Crafts for Valentine's Day

Love Rocks!
Image courtesy of bunnycakes blog 

Yes it does! These hand stamped muslin treat bags are easy to make (according to Bunny Cakes!) and perfect to hold a sweet little treat for all their pals at preschool.

Heart Shaped Crayons

Image courtesy of Flicker
My boys and I have made these a zillion times over the years. They are fun and super easy. I particularly  love these directions because it shows, step by step, just how easy it is! One warning, peeling the paper off the crayons is the only part that stinks!

52 Reasons I Love You Cards
Image courtesy of Papervinez blog

I absolutely cannot wait to make a version of this with my kids for their daddy! We all plan to contribute reasons we love their dad (my husband). It has turned out to be a fun and sneaky way to remind my, almost teenage, older boys about why dad is so cool!
Hand Shaped Valentines

Awww! Could this possibly be any easier? This is a perfect craft if you have a wee little one in the house! 

I hope you try out some of these cool ideas that I have found and please share any that you have found easy or cool on Facebook  or email them to me at -Marlo

Sweet Valentines Day Style

Sweet treats for Valentines Day

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