Monday, November 12, 2012

Accessories Designed by Dad - Me in Mind is Back in Stock!

Cool baby booties from Me in Mind will knock your socks off! Kids' shoes, awesome baby socks, and fun accessories are back in stock and ready to rock your Psychobaby's style from head to toe. Babies will look adorable in a pair of rockstar socks, and what big kid wouldn't dig a knit hat that lets them pretend they are a viking or superhero? Me in Mind has YOU in mind when it comes to their cool styles and company policies - shoes have vegan construction and eco-friendly packaging, and they have a lost sock replacement program! When we think of cool socks for babies we always have Me in Mind on the brain.

Speaking of cool socks...get a load of our latest Pinterest DIY holiday gifts for kids! (Hint: you're going to go BANANAS when you see this tutorial...)

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