Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Travel Helpers!

Travel toys for kids are must-haves for the holidays! 
A meltdown in the TSA line might be inevitable, but at least your kiddo can look hip en route with cool kids' coats and luggage. Grandma's fold-out couch not comfy enough? Stay in a hotel! Just kidding; spruce it up with a personalized pillowcase. And instead of having that kid on the plane (you know the one), win the "are we there yet" battle with stickers, craft pads, puzzles and more.

Holiday Travel Truth #1: There's no way you are making it over the river and through the woods without keeping the little ones entertained. 

Holiday Travel Truth #2: Some of these travel toys are so fun you will secretly hope you get a chance to play with them. Encourage an early bedtime and maybe your kiddo will fall asleep long enough for you to sneak a turn. (Ha! Yeah right!)

Holiday Travel Truth #3: Mommy needs a cocktail.

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