Friday, November 2, 2012

Personalized Kids' Tees for a Song - Psychobaby Steals are Back!

Psychobaby Steals are back again for another encore! 
Rush the gates like you are at a sold-out concert, these rockin' tees, slashed from $20 to $10, are only available online for three days. Get 'em while they last!

This new run of Psychobaby Steals celebrates all things rock! For less than the cost of a concert ticket you can grab an awesome personalized tee for your lil' rocker-to-be. From bolts, to stars, to vintage guitars we've got a t-shirt that will suit your kid's musical taste. We think a wee Johnny Cash would have looked cool in our Play it Again Red Tee, and a mini Madonna might have liked our You're a Star Pink Tee. Is your Psychobaby a lip-sync into their sippy cup kind of gal , or a stage diving, stuffed animal mosh-pitting kind of dude? Snag a discounted tee and discover your kiddo's rockin' style!

Shop our $10 tees today through Sunday and we will have your order shipped out within a week of your order date. (Psychobaby Steals take slightly longer to process than our other Custom Shop tees.) Keep on rockin', and stay tuned for more Psychobaby Steals in the months to come!

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