Friday, January 24, 2014

Beat Kitchen's Concerts for Kids Winter Fest

Hey Chicago! Looking for something (indoors) to do this weekend? Well, do we have the perfect event for you! Beat Kitchen hosts a series of concerts for kids every Sunday, and this week's is their Winter Fest,  featuring a seriously all-star lineup of Lindsay & The Shimmies, The Storybook Mom, The Young Stracke All-Stars, Mary Macaroni, and Cowboy Jesus & The Sugar Bums. Haven't heard of that last group? Well, we haven't seen them play yet, but this young (we're talking 10 year olds) supergroup's line-up consists of: drums, two guitars and a mandolin. Right? You better go check them out this weekend, so you can say you saw them before they were famous!
Bundle up, and hope to see you there!

Beat Kitchen | 2100 W. Belmont | 11 AM | $8

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