Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Coolest (& Craziest) Baby Names of 2013

Personalized baby and kids gifts are the way to go when you know kiddos with names as awesome as these! Remember what a bummer it was being a kid and scanning the rack of miniature personalized license plates, looking for your name? They were always sold out, or else your parents had decided to call you something like River, and you were totally out of luck. Your Psychobaby will never have to experience that kind of disappointment - no matter how crazy (cool!) their name is, we have you covered. Our custom shop carries everything from personalized baby tees to personalized water bottles - all available with YOUR kiddo's name!

A few of our other fave cool/crazy names in 2013 came straight from Hollywood! We love the name Axl and had to put it in our top 20 - (like little Axl Jack, Fergie & Josh Duhamel's little dude!)

 Baby Axl Jack

We can't forget little North "Nori" West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye's baby - just look at those cheeks. 
via kimkardashianfan.net
And how adorable is Jimmy Fallon's little girl, Winnie Rose
via Instagram
Do you have a favorite celeb baby name from 2013? What'd you decide to call your little one? We love to hear all the awesome things you guys come up with, leave us a comment with your coolest, craziest name! No matter what your little one is called, we are here to make you something cool, crazy, and as completely unique as your Psychobaby. Shop all our personalized baby and kids clothes now!

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  1. I have two beautiful grandsons both born in 2012. They both have wacky names: Ezekiel and Finley. We call Ezekiel "Zeke" and Finley "Fin". Never thought I'd have grandsons named Zeke and Fin LOL


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