Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lil Ladies & Gents (Meet Our Newest Designs!)

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Gifts for the littlest ladies and youngest of gents will turn any sassypants or bad boy into the very picture of elegance and class! We're happy to announce after being a bachelor for quite a while, our very own Mr. Cool Stache has found himself a lady friend... Meet Miss Audrey! With the style of a classic movie star and the sassiness of a true Psychobaby, Miss Audrey is our favorite new addition to the P'Baby family!

Mr. Cool Stache & Miss Audrey

 Miss Audrey is available on one-pieces, placemats, bibs and more - we're especially fond of our new Mr. & Miss Personalized Mug Duo.

Mr & Miss Personalized Mug Duo
So adorable! Check out these awesome designs and more in our Ladies & Gents collection!

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