Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide for The Raddest Dads

Gifts include: 1. My Dad Used To Be Cool Tee 2. Unicorn Blood coffee beans 3. World's Awesomest Personalized Mug Red  | Sweet Child O' Mine Personalized Dad Heart Mug 4. Show Dad How book 5.MO'Baby Tattoo Pop Heart Bib Pink  | My Mom or Dad's Tattoos Bib  6. Baseball Bat Bottle Opener 7. Mr. Mustache Phone Case | Eat 'em Up Cheeseburger Phone Case  8. Vinyl Record Tie 9. I Love You / I Know Cufflinks

Welcome to our Father's Day Gift Guide for the Raddest Dad out there - YOURS!

1. Kicking it off is our My Dad Used To Be Cool Tee ... 'cause it's true, no matter who your papa is. It's a proven fact that once a guy has a baby, he starts making dorky dad jokes and listening to uncool music. Well... it happens to the best of dudes, so just embrace his inner dad lameness and let him know you know that he USED to be COOL!

2 + 3. We can't think of anything a dad needs more than a strong cup of coffee (except for maybe a strong cocktail every now and then). We love the pairing of one of our funny dad mugs with this crazy (and locally roasted in Chicago) espresso blend - it's called UNICORN BLOOD! C'mon, people!

4. For a newbie dad - this hilarious (and genuinely useful) book goes over the very basics of parenting, and a few out of the ordinary situations that may arise, for instance, delivering a baby on the subway. What's up, Super Dad!

5. For an inked up daddy, one of these two awesome tattooed baby bibs will be right up his alley, and unlike a tattoo, whatever ends up on this bib will totally wash off. Just make sure to hide the Sharpies from the kiddos, or you may have some less-than-temporary self-administered tattoos to deal with!

6. Got a sports-lovin' papa? Well, nothing goes with watching the game like a nice cold one, so how about hooking Pops up with this cool bottle opener, made out of a recycled baseball bat.

7. Techie dads can't afford to have Junior throwing their iPhone around, so make sure Dad's cell is protected with one of these funny phone cases.

8. And if Dad has one of those jobs that requires wearing a tie every day (boooooo), grab this super stylin' vinyl record necktie (yaaayy!!!) and let him show off the fact that he used to be cool is still totally cool...

9. Last but not least, may the force be strong throughout all those ups and downs of fatherhood. Show your intergalactic love with this awesome pair of Star Wars cuff links. Cause Dads, we love you. And you know it. But you know it a little more when we give you a really thoughtful, really great Father's Day Gift, right?'Baby Papa's Lil Chi Guy One-Piece
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