Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our New Personalized Chevron Gift Collection

Our Personalized chevron gift collection just got a makeover - we electro-CUTE-d it! Meet the brand new Electric Chevron collection, with pieces for babies, kids, *and* grown-ups!

 Psychobaby Electric Chevron MugElectric Chevron Personalized Cutting Board
While our Electric Chevron Wall Panel or  Electric Chevron Gift Set  will make a super fun new baby girl gift!

Psychobaby Electric Chevron Wall PanelPsychobaby Electric Chevron Gift Set

 The Electric Chevron Flip Flops  and Electric Chevron Coin Purse are perfect for older girls (that's an awesome birthday gift for $20)!
Psychobaby Electric Chevron Flip FlopsPsychobaby Electric Chevron Coin Purse

Shop all of our awesome chevron gifts here - but if you need even more zig zags in your life, check out this awesome post with 10 DIY chevron craft and project ideas, including this perfectly summery DIY chevron tote bag!

via gingibersnap.com

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