Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parental Advisory: Immature Content

Funny Gifts for Baby and Kids 
Funny gifts for babies and kids will win the baby shower every time - check out a few of our #1 combos and you'll be the star of the party! Can't promise that Grandma won't be giving you a funny look, but it'll be worth the happiness you're bringing to the new parents when their Psychobaby wakes them up at 4 am for the 6th straight night. We promise.

 Don't know what gender the baby is, but are going to the shower? Let us suggest either the I Drink Until I Pass Out Hat and I Only Cry... One-Piece, or Milk Naps & Rock & Roll One-Piece,  they're hilarious for little ladies or gents, and (kind of) true!
Psychobaby I Only Cry... One-Piece Red Milk Naps & Rock & Roll One-Piece Gray

 If your friend has a new baby girl on the way, we like the My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib with this Cute As Hell one-piece by Pop Kids.
My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice BibPluto Cute As Hell Pink One-Piece

And if your buddy has a little bro on his hands... hands down, this is our favorite gift!!!
 Psychobaby Boob Man One-PiecePsychobaby Ladies Man Infant HatDude In Training Bib Trio

See all our somewhat inappropriate, always appreciated funny gifts for babies and kids here!

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