Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bow Tie Shirts for Baby & The Best Vest Tees!

Baby boy tops for tots who don't wanna wear all the fancy stuff are here to make your life a whole lot easier... no more wrangling your little mister into some uncomfortable get-up he'll spend the whole day trying to squirm out of. These comfy bow tie t-shirts for baby boys, faux vests and stylin' suspenders make dressing to the nines as easy as 1... well, it's so easy there's no 2 or 3!

Brooklyn Vest T-Shirt
The comfort of a tee combined with style elements the coolest little dudes will love: a dapper vest and killer bow tie! It's the perfect shirt for looking like you got dressed up but feelin' like you're still in your PJs.

Brooklyn Gentleman T-Shirt
For little dudes who appreciate the finer things in life, like an artfully executed finger painting, or a tall glass of cold-pressed apple juice, chilled to the perfect temperature. As a man with high standards and impeccable taste, he'll appreciate the seamless blend of style and comfort this cool tee offers. Plus when he inevitably spills gravy and cranberry sauce on it... no dry cleaning required!

Many Mini Mustache Suspender T-Shirt
For mini men who keep it classy, no matter what. He can wear this 'stache suspendered shirt to literally any event - Thanksgiving at Grandma's, a rock-and-roll show, his first red-carpet premiere!

Special Occasion Vest T-Shirt
Six colors of bow tie make this awesome tee perfect for T-Day, a wedding, a baptism, a birthday party, or just 'cause he's a dapper dude! Choose this comfy tee in lieu of a teeny tiny suit - it looks just as good, and your little guy will appreciate not having to wear an actual tie!

Punkster Vest T-Shirt
Our Punkster Vest T-Shirt is the ultimate compromise: he wants to wear his punk rock tee,but as a parent, you say he has to look respectable for Turkey Day. Aw, man! ...Wait! Punkster Vest to the rescue! It's rocker baby and grandparent approved! Pair this tee with our Chain Wallet Pants for a rockstar outfit that still keeps it classy.

FrontEast Village Vest T-Shirt
This cool top is printed with a gray vest, red skull print bow tie and pocket square. It even has little skully buttons, because as a stylish dude, he knows attention to detail is crucial. Not only will this shirt be perf for Thanksgiving dinner... it's so cool he can even wear it to his first punk show!

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