Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get Cozy, Couch Potato! Comfy Tops & Snuggly Bottoms

Personalized Loungewear for Kids

 Personalized kids lounge sets just got a whole lot cozier, cuter and cooler! Your children will be lounging all snug in their beds this Christmas Eve, with the help of these snuggle-tastic slumber-riffic sets. Nothing better than cozying up with a yummy cup of hot cocoa in your favorite kick-back clothes. A brand new addition to our Custom Shop, we are excited to introduce this line of coordinating loungewear sets for kids, including personalized sweatpants, comfy personalized t-shirts, and personalized pillowcases! AND we're able to offer these awesome gift sets in a new size range, all the way up to a 10/12!

With designs ranging from dinosaurs to superhero, rockstars, cupcakes and mustaches,  these loungewear sets are also perfect for slumber parties, camp, sleepovers at Grandma's... not just for Christmas! Each set comes with a personalized shirt, a pair of ultra comfy personalized black sweatpants - the kind with elastic at the ankle to keep all the warms in and the cold out, and a super soft personalized pillowcase.

Shhh... after you whip up some hot chocolate for the under 21 set - here's an awesome list of ways to spike hot cocoa! You deserve a little couch potato time too!

“Grown Up” Hot Chocolate (marshmallow vodka!) | 15 Amazing Ways To Spike Hot Chocolate

Two-piece sets are available too, which include a personalized top and the loungewear bottoms. Mix and match - whichever set you select, you'll be snug as a bug in a very cool rug with one of these personalized kids gift sets!

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