Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What Do Bowie, Springsteen, and Eminem Have In Common?



Rock and roll lullabies will soothe even the most hard-rockin' kiddo to sleep! David Bowie, Eminem, Maroon Five, Bruce Springsteen, the White Stripes and Elton John DO have something in common, besides being super-famous musicians. They're all available NOW as awesome rock lullabies at psychobabyonline.com!

These six new albums are a great addition to any cool parent's arsenal of "go-the-%$@#-to-sleep" music. Rockabye Baby does soft instrumental versions of popular songs, all sans-lyrics, so you can even put your little one to bed to the sweet sounds of AC/DC or Black Sabbath. If you haven't heard 'em before, we highly recommend checking them out - just don't forget to turn it off, these have seriously put us in a trance state when we've let it play too long!

Here's Bowie's Space Oddity for your nap-time listening pleasure:

Shop all rock lullaby albums for baby here!

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