Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide: Calling All Rad Dads!

These aren't your granddad's tie clip kind of gifts. These are for the funny, the sarcastic, the nerdy, the hipster dads. All the rad dads. Father's Day is coming up, so we've compiled a bunch of sweet gifts that dad will love, so you wouldn't have to. Also, all of these will go awesome with that macaroni frame. (Why mess with a classic?) 

Totally Rad Fathers Day Gifts:

1. F Bomb Paperweight by Uncommon Goods - Perfect for the dad who can't quite mind his p's and q's when the kiddos are around...what the f*@#? 
Where DOES he learn language like that..

2. Vintage Map Cufflinks by Bespoke - These will class up the suit of any jet-setting dad, or a history-buff dad who dabbles in cartography. 
Let's go on an adventure! 

3. Jedi Dad Shirt Set by Psychobabyonline - The force is strong in this one! Start training your Jedi at a young age and may your father-son relationship be light years away from Vader and Luke's.  
Nathan, I am your father! 

4. Custom Etched Father's Day Wine Bottle by Etching Expressions - If the Dad in your life is more of a sommelier than a Brew Master, get him a personalized message on a delicious bottle of his favorite vino! 

5. Men in This Town Hardcover Book by Barneys New York - Perhaps a subtle hint for your man to step up his fashion game - this book will give him the inspiration he needs to take some fashion risks. And finally stop with the sandals and socks. 

6. Dollar Shave Club Monthly Subscription by Dollar Shave Club  - If you like your main man a little more clean-shaven than fuzzy, this is the perfect gift to give him a smooth shave and keep the beard-burn at bay.  

7. Living Language Dothraki: A Conversational Language Course Based on the Hit Original HBO Series Game of Thrones by The HBO Shop  - Let's be honest, if you're a GOT fan, this could be fun for you too! Plus, the best part of any language is learning the swear words! (Is that just us? See gift #1) 

8. Hipster Dad Shirt Set by Psychobabyonline - We know they might be too cool to advertise, but why buy another tin of mustache wax when you can show off your half-pint & whole hipster dad-baby duo!? 

9. Personalized Wood Carved Rock and Roll Man Cave Signs by Benchmark Signs Gifts - This one speaks for itself. Get it customized with your specific man cave description to warn all those who enter that they may be subject to extended periods of Guitar Hero or actual band practice. We do love a rock 'n' roll dad. 

10. Blue Mixtape Cassette Tape Light by Break The Record - In case you ever need a visual aid when describing the history of music consumption, or stories about the mix-tape he made you when you first started dating. NEVER FORGET! 

11. Coach Dad Shirt Set: Baseball by Psychobabyonline  - For the sports-loving dad who bought a glove when the baby was born because he was THAT EXCITED to play catch some day...

12. "Music is What Feelings Sound Like" Wall Art by GoGoBookArt - Excellent decoration for the rock 'n' roll Man Cave - something has to be non-neon, right?  (See #9) 

13. Engraved Wooden Music Box (Beatles) by InvenioCrafts - With a ton of songs to choose from you can pick the song that means something to both of you.  Sentimental and a little cheesy, yes, but also perfect for the music-loving papa.

Looking for more ideas? We get it, you're a perfectionist.  So, you can shop all of our gift for Rad Dads here
 Or head over to our Dad Pinterest Board for EVEN MORE ideas, including some fun DIY projects! 

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