Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Princess Charlotte Has Arrived: A Royal Round-Up!

Princess gifts for Psychobabies? Heck yes! Now, we like to think we know a little something about princesses - or at least all the little girls who act like them.  Therefore, in honor of the birth of the new Princess of Cambridge, we've put together a style guide for HRH Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - a real, live princess. 

Looking THIS good right after giving birth must be a Royal perk 

1.  Personalized Pretty Princess Tee by Psychobabyonline - Perfect for those days when you need to remind everyone who wears the crown around here. 

2. Her Royal Highness Personalized Bib by Psychobabyonline  - Even royal babies fall victim to the occasional spit-up...might as well keep it off my fancy dress, in style! 

3. Princess Crown Pacifier by Personalized Pacifiers - For the days when you can't wear a crown on your head, at least you can still show it off! 

4. Pink and White Striped Dumbbell Rattle by Zubels - 100% organic, because it's never too early to start caring about the state of nature in your kingdom. 

5. Trumpette Pastel Pixies Sock Set - We love the bows on these, plus now they won't get mixed up with George's. 

Now, this may seem like we gathered together a whole lot of sparkles and pink, and you're right, we did.  But, in all fairness, we know Charlotte would look royally fantastic in all of this. 

And bring me the Royal spoonful of sugar! 

We still believe that she is, Kate...and if she is still nannying, she better show up in Cambridge quick! Check out all our gifts fit for a princess on our Princess Gift Page

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