Friday, May 15, 2015

Judy is a Punk! Top 10 Punk Rock Baby Names

Here at Psychobaby we obviously are commited to bringing you the coolest, craziest baby clothes (among other awesome stuff), and that is driven by our deep and unabiding love of all things ROCK AND ROLL. Being punk is going against the grain, swimming upstream, turning it up loud and wearing whatever the heck you feel like. So in the spirit of  that, let us present our 10 favorite super punk rock baby names!

1. Sid (Sex Pistols) 

We realize this troubled musician's tale is not the happiest, but punk isn't always happy- it's raw, real, and messy. And Sid Vicious' story is as iconic as it gets in punk history. Plus, Sidney is an awesome name for little punks and punkettes alike!

2. Nancy (Sex Pistols)

The lady half of punk rock's most famous love story. Romeo and Juliet, take a hike, Sid & Nancy will always be punk's reigning king and queen.

3. Joey (from the Ramones)

There's a 1 in 5 chance someone in your family is named Joseph, so pretend you're naming your kiddo after them but secretly you named him after Joey Ramone and are going to raise the punkest little dude on the planet. (We maybe made up that statistic, but lots of guys are named Joseph, so it's maybe true.)

4. Ramona

So you had a little girl, that means, Joey, DeeDee, Marky & Tommy are all off the table for baby names... why not pay homage to ALL the Ramones by calling your punkette Ramona? Plus, people will think it's after Ramona Quimby, and that's not a bad thing either.

5. Johnny (Rotten)

Lead singer of the Sex Pistols, this name will make Grandma & Grandpa happy while letting you nod to one of punk rock's greats. (And Johnny Cash!)

6. Henry (Black Flag) 

Henry is a pretty All-American-sounding name...unless it's inspired by the hardcore singer of Black Flag, Henry Rollins. Who turned out pretty awesome. Dig his Fabio mane in this pic:

7. Lita

Lita Ford, bad-ass guitarist for the all-girl punk band The Runaways. This is one girl who rocks just as much as her name does.This name has a retro flair to it, and is unique enough that you don’t hear it often.

8. Iggy 

Iggy Pop - the Godfather of Punk - and overall rock 'n' roll legend has a totally unique name.  You could always take the safe route and use the name Ignatius with the nickname of Iggy...but who are you kidding? Hand the kid a guitar and let him rock!

9. Sheena

Dudes, Sheena is a PUNK ROCKER!!! One of the best ever Ramones songs, and therefore a great choice for a punk rock Psychobabe.

10. London

London/the UK - home of some of the greatest punk bands known to man - The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers... even the band London!

Let us know if your P'Baby has a rad punk name in the comments - we love seeing all the cool crazy things you call your littles!

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