Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 Best Zombie Movies To Watch...

NOTE: We MEAN it, these are for parental "post-tucking the kids in" hang out time! As much as we LOVE gory zombie attacks, these films are NOT recommended for your P'Baby, no matter how Psycho they are! Grab some grown-up drinks and check out one of our five fave zombie movies:

5. 28 Days Later - gritty account of exactly how things might shake down after the zombie apocalypse, this movie is totally terrifying. And awesome!

4. Zombieland - While this film is worth watching JUST for Bill Murray's cameo, this is pretty much the funniest zombie movie out there.
3. Shawn of the Dead - a turning point in the evolution of horror - this self-referential movie makes sooooo much fun of the genre, and it's SO fun! A must watch.

2. Night of the Living Dead - the original zombie movie. This is where it all started, people!

1. Resident Evil - Ok, so most movies based on video games are BAD. Like, truly terrible. The Resident Evil franchise is actually really entertaining though - can't deny a movie with such a kick-butt leading lady!

There are a million other awesome z-films out there - what's your favorite zombie movie? Let us know, we're always looking for new scary flicks to check out, especially this time of year!

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